Common types of Hardshell Gourds
Lagenaria siceraria cultivars
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1. Banana 13. Baton, Snake, Longissima
2. Club, Cave Man's Club 14. Short Handled Dipper
3. Tobacco Box, Sugar Bowl 15. Powder Horn, Penguin
4. Canteen, Sugar Bowl 16. French Dolphin, Maranka, Monkey
5. Cannon Ball 17. Lump in the neck Bottle
6. Basketball 18. Zucca
7. Mini-bottle 19. Chinese Bottle
8. Sennari 20. Long Handled Dipper
9. Mexican Bottle 21. Indonesian Bottle, Costa Rican Bottle
10. Hardshell Warty 22. Japanese Bottle, Siphon
11. Hercules Club 23. Kettle
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Original line drawing by Timothy Moyers.
Photo enlargements (unless otherwise noted) by Eva Pawlak taken at Rocky Ford Gourds, Cygnet, Ohio