Winter Tips

For the central part of the US, the winter season means reading seed catalogs and counting the days 'till planting time. To help pass the days, shapen up your tools and  try a new craft ...

Clean the skin and mold off the gourd by soaking in water for a few minutes and use a stiff brush. Sand paper or highly abrasive materials may make tiny scratches on the gourd surface which will show when stained. Any finish that is used on wood can be used to finish a gourd.  If you wish to carve, chip, burn, cut, or drill the gourd, The American Gourd Society has several books available . See our Holiday Decoration ideas or try one of the projects below.
  • How to make a Birdhouse
  • Painting on a gourd
  • Kid's Korner Project : Make a Flamingo!
  • Tools
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