The requirements for starting a chapter of AGS are as follows:

   1. A minimum of 25 people who are current AGS members at the time of granting the charter. To get an idea of how many AGS members there are in your state, take a look at our member map. A good starting place is to organize a local gourdpatch.
   2. Elect a set of officers with a minimum of a chair or President, Secretary, & Treasurer.
   3. Act as a non-profit educational organization.
   4. Adopt a set of by-laws. Copies of other chapter by-laws can be provided to use as a guide.
   5. It is suggested that a newsletter be send out periodically. Indiana sends out 6 to 7 per year, some
     send out 3 to 4 per year. Iowa sends the newsletter by email to most members.
   6. A gourd show is nice but most chapters start out with educational programs at fairs, garden shows,
     etc. Or, at least an annual get together over food to share ideas on crafting and growing of gourds.

Please contact AGS president Cecile Garrison to see if someone else in you state is currently working toward organizing a chapter.

AGS will provide the organizers a list of current and former AGS members in your state for you to contact
about possible interest in a chapter forming. You will have several people from other chapters join.
Newsletters are voluntarily send to other chapter newsletter editors and editors have agreed to let articles be
reprinted into the otherís newsletter.