Jim Story Award Competition

1. If I win a state chapter Jim Story Award competition with a specific gourd, can I replace it with a different gourd to enter the national Jim Story Award competition?

NO. The gourd that wins a Jim Story Award competition at the chapter level must be the same gourd entered in the national competition. NO REPLACEMENTS will be accepted.

2. Assuming a grower entered and won two or more state competitions, could all of his winners be entered in the national competition?
NO. The grower may enter only one winner per year in the national competition. If a grower wins more than one state completion, that grower must select only one winner to enter in the national competition.

3. Can I use a gourd grown in the past (not the previous year) to enter the national Jim Story award competition?
NO. The gourds must be grown the previous year and entered in the current year at the state level.

4. Can entries be in any state competition category or must it be in a specific category for gourds whose shape was manipulated by the grower?
The gourd may be in any category for dried, hand trained or manipulated gourds. Any manipulation method is acceptable. No decorations or embellishments are permitted.

5. Is there a deadline for sending in an application for the national competition?
YES. The deadline for submitting chapter winner applications is November 30th.

6. What are the cash prizes?
As of 2014, the awards are as follows: 1st Place, $300.00 and a trophy, 2nd Place, $150.00 and a certificate, 3rd Place, $50.00 and a certificate. Other entrants will receive a participation certificate.

7. How are winners selected?
A panel of qualified judges, preferably with gourd manipulation experience, will determine the winner. The decision of the judges is final.

8. Who is responsible for entering the State Chapter Jim Story Award winner into the AGS Competition?
The entrant must complete and submit the application for the national competition.

9. What is the responsibility of the State Show/Chapters with regard to the Jim Story Award winner at their show?

  • The chapter president and/or the competition chairperson should notify the AGS Jim Story Award committee of:
  • The number of entrants in the Manipulated Gourd/Jim Story Award category and
  • The winnerís name, phone number, and email address.
  • 10. What does the winner have to do after winning 1st place at the State Chapter Show?
  • Complete and submit the application with a minimum of two photos: