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We are a fun group that looks for ways to promote the history, growing and crafting of gourds; we will provide informational and educational services to our members, support the sharing of ideas, and enjoy the fellowship with our members.

Current Officers as of 1/1/2017
President: Terry Noxel (
Treasurer:  Elaine Johnson (
Secretary: Georgia Rennie (
Directors: Graham Ottoson, Leanna Donald, Julie Mooney & Joanne Nichols

Messages:(1)  To become a member or renew your membership please download the form below, (2) Congratulations to Graham and Otto Ottoson the winners of the 2016 AGS Jim Story Award for manipulated gourds.
Upcoming Events

June 9: Triple Handle Basket
June 14: Gourd Gathering, Lebanon PA
July 14: Basic Three-dimensional Carving
August: open
September 8: Gourd Doll Work Day
September 30: NYSGS Booth at Judy’s Day
October 13: Halloween-related Craft
November: open
December 8: Wreath and Ornament

Workshop Title: Triple Handle Basket 

Date: Saturday June 9th 
Time: 10 am- 5 pm 
Instructor: Vickie Echols 
Location: Gourdlandia 
77 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca NY 

Description: You will learn how to coil pine needles onto a gourd to create 3 continuous loops that attach to each other for an interesting basket. You will also learn to add glass seed beads to your coils. 
The pine needles are glycerinated so they are gentle to your hands and they have greater flexibility to make tight turns without breaking. Sizes of gourds will range from 4” to 6.” 

Students  should bring needle nose pliers, good sharp scissors and fine tip wire cutters. Plus, something for a Pot Luck lunch.
Teacher will provide prepared gourd, 4 oz. glycerinated pine needles, waxed linen, seed beads, stitching needle and a detailed tutorial that will be emailed after the class.
Cost: $60 members or $65 non-members  --10 Spaces Available
RSVP by email to AND mail a check (payable to NYSGS) to the Secretary: Georgia Rennie, 477 Christian Hollow Rd Pine City NY 14871
Important Notice ** Your spot will be held for up to 7 days from email RSVP. If your check is not received by then your spot may be given to someone else on the Waiting List.

Download a .pdf file of this class information

Workshop Title: Basic Three Dimensional Carving 

Date: Saturday July 14th 
Time: 10 am- 4 pm 
Instructor: Susan Zanella 
Location: Terry Noxel’s 
100 Barton Rd, Windsor, NY 13865 

Description: You will learn how to create a dimensional Ginko design by carving with a few different burrs on a thick gourd that has been cut and cleaned for you. 

Students need to bring an electric rotary carving tool – eg. Dremel, Foredom, Mastercarver. (NOTE:  Battery operated tools will not last through the class).

You will need 2 ball-shaped carbide carving and a set of diamond burrs (

  • Dremel #9905 the 1/8" Diameter Ball, Tungsten Carbide Cutter, 1/8" shank;
  • Larger carving burr, 1/4 x 3/16“ Ball Double Cut Carbide Burr - 1/8” shank
  • Set of diamond burrs 150 Grit Diamond Burr Set - 1/8 inch shank - 30pc
  • Teacher will provide cut and cleaned thick gourds suitable for 3-D carving, plus patterns, transfer paper, tutorial, and QwikWood® for repairs.

    Cost: $30 members or $35 non-members  16 Spaces Available

    RSVP by email to AND mail a check (payable to NYSGS) to the Secretary: Georgia Rennie, 477 Christian Hollow Rd Pine City NY 14871

    Important Notice ** Your spot will be held for up to 7 days from email RSVP. If your check is not received by then your spot may be given to someone else on the Waiting List.
    Also bring a dish to share for a Pot Luck lunch.

    Download a .pdf file of this class information

    Work Day: Prepping for 
    Gourd Doll Activity at Judy’s Day
    Date: Saturday September 8th
    Time: 10 am- 1 pm
    Facilitator: Graham Ottoson
    Location: Gourdlandia, Ithaca, NY
    Description: You will make sample dolls and help prep gourds and materials for the children who will make gourd dolls in a few weeks at the Cornell Botanic Garden’s semi-annual Judy’s Day.

    Participants should bring embellishments (if you have any) that kids could use to dress and deorate their doll. Also, bring a dish to share for lunch. Cornell & NYSGS will provide mini gourds, brads, pipe cleaners & markers. Anyone who can help is welcome.
    RSVP by email to 

    NYSGS Booth at Judy’s Day
    Theme: Plants Have Families Too
    Date: Sunday September 30th
    Time: 12 noon to 5 pm
    Facilitator: Graham Ottoson & NYSGS members
    ** Cornell Students will assist
    Location: Cornell Botanic Gardens, Ithaca, NY
    Description: You will assist children ages 4-10 to make gourd dolls at the semi-annual Cornell Botanic Garden’s Judy’s Day and promote the joy of playing with gourds!

      News and Past Events
    About Us
    The New York State Gourd Society (NYSGS) was established on February 19, 2011 at the NYS Gourd Gathering held at EcoVillage in Ithaca. Terry Noxel had worked up a Constitution and By-Laws in accordance with those of other state gourd societies. Together with Graham Ottoson and Pete Luellen the NYS Gourd Gathering was planned and held.

    The NYGS is a young organization of people who love gourds and everything about them. We have a group site on Yahoo and offer gourding help in any way we can. 

    Membership Dues are $12 per calendar year. (Pro-rated the year you join)

    Memberships are renewed in January of subsequent years

    Membership application form

    Constitution & 
     link to PDF
    The NYSGS Board wants to encourage the formation of gourd patches across NYS with the purpose of working on gourd projects, sharing ideas and techniques. The folks in central NY have formed The Pepo's Republic of NY and encourage you to contact Terry at if you want information on this patch. We hope that others will also want to gather a small group of their gourd friends for monthly (more or less) get-togethers. Your friends do not have to be members of NYSGS or AGS to join your patch, but information on how to join should be offered. No officers or dues are necessary, and you set your own plans, meeting dates & time, etc.
    Suggestions for getting a NYSGS Patch started in your area can be found at this link: gourdpatch.pdf

    Your Patch can be listed here – Contact Terry with your information (

    Member Sites Graham Ottoson --
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  •   Gourds in Your Garden (Summit)  
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  •   Making Gourd Dolls (Summit & Widess)  
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  • Gourd Societies
  • PA Gourd Society: 
  • Ohio Gourd Society: 
  • American Gourd Society:  
  • Gourd Growers
  • Cullen Pumpkin Farm, Richfield Springs NY; 315-867-387; 
  • Eli Smucker 717-354-6118 
  • Henry Beiler 717-687-8797  
  • Ellen Dalton, Pumpkin Hollow Gourds, 870-598-3568 
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