The Wisconsin Gourd Society
Zeta Chapter of the American Gourd Society
"Cucurbitaceae Custodiae"

About Us

We are committed to sharing everything we know about gourds with people in our communities.  Some people have never seen a gourd—while some that have don’t know it.  We’ve heard of someone having one or two in her home and not realizing it!  Others have been using gourds their whole lives.  For centuries, gourds have been an integral part of different cultures around the globe.  Many more people, we hope, will learn about them and appreciate them for all that they are to us.  There is much to know about gourds.  Learning and sharing information— from growing to crafting and all points in between—is what we are all about. 

We offer workshops throughout the year for members and non-members, giving them opportunities to learn a variety of techniques.  Please see the Calendar for upcoming workshops. If you're interested in teaching a class, please contact

There may be a WGS member in your area who is willing to talk to your group about gourds—growing, crafting, history / culture.  Please contact the Regional Representative in your area to see if there is a member nearby who would be available to speak to your group.

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