Tutorial- Building a Gourd Arbor

by Ernie and Cecile Garrison, Visalia, California
Cecile is a member of the Tulare/Sequoia Patch and the Central California Gourders (CCG)

You can build a strong, inexpensive gourd arbor with about $50 cost and a few hours of elbow grease labor. A four-feet long, seven to ten feet tall arbor will support many varieties of gourds, provide a cool place for them to rest, and add drama to the home garden! Anticipate adding additional sections because it is hard not to once you've started.

This arbor has three four-foot panels and is supporting over one hundred small birdhouse, apple, dipper and basket gourds. Large gourds should be grown on the ground.

Materials Needed:

  • Two eight-foot 4x4 pressure treated posts
  • Two eight-foot 2 x 6 boards
  • One four-foot wide by 16 foot long panel of welded metal fencing
  • Hammer
  • Post Hole digger
  • A few screws and stapes
  • A screwdriver
  • Large bag quick acting concrete
  • Bucket for water

  • Steps Day One:
    Dig 18" holes four feet apart and 10 feet across from each other.
    Cut the eight-foot posts in half and bury them 18" deep.
    Add quick acting concrete around the posts and cover with water.
    Allow the posts to set overnight.

    Steps Day Two:
    Attach the two by six boards to each set of posts with seres.
    Bend the fence panel in half between the two sets of posts and attach one side then the other to the two by six boards with staples.

    All done! Now plant and enjoy.