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The American Gourd Society is pleased to showcase photos that AGS members send to our website. The photos are the property of the artists and photographers and may not be used without permission. New photos will appear on this page for a month and will then be archived by subject or technique.

Submit your photos (one per email) to or mail a hardcopy photo to AGS c/o Lyn Rehm, 9755 TR 262, Millersburg OH 44654 (enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope if you wish to have the photo returned). The AGS reserves the right to crop or resize photos to fit the format of our photo album.

Artistry of new member Irene Barlow

The title of my latest gourd art is "Tuscan Odyssey". It was made using many acrylics and some carving. It will be up for auction at the Calabash event this October 2, 2016, in Forestville, CA. -- Erick Woods

Kym Belvin, NE Fla. Gourd patch, Jacksonville, Florida

This is a chekere (first two photos) made for Agayu am Afro-Cuban Diety who is said to be so powerful that he is associated with volcanos. I made this blue chekere as a premium for a raffle at our annual Robert Burns Dinner to celebrate his birthday. It has a copy of the Lodge seal on the front with the lodge's theme for the year on the back and the lodge's name across the bottom -- Alfondo Serrano

 "Buffalo People"
 "Fancy Dancer"
Artistry of Lynne London in Arizona.

sumitted by Ron Poole of

 The Portal was created using pencil and acrylics. It is my first submission for the 
2014 Calabash gourd art auction in Forestville, CA ( -- Erick Woods

This whole carved gourd took over two years to complete as I don't carve in the house, for a total of 129 hours. It's painted with oil paints and still gives me a thrill when I see it. I loved making this piece and it will always be one of my personal favorites I've done. The title of this piece is A Pile of Leaves.
Karen Hundt-Brown
Lee Kline from Rincon, Georgia 

Three new pieces of gourd art  by Earl Worick,

I'm submitting a photo of my gourd guitars. I discovered using gourds for my instruments last year,
and was amazed at how good they sound! Digit Woutat in Eugene, Oregon

A variety of Gourd Carousels showcase the
artistry of Tio and Cia Silla,  PA Gourd Society.
See more of their unique gourd creations ...

Baubles & Beads. This is a combination of three different gourds 
the bottom two being just parts.  It was all wood burned 
and then painted with Acrylics. 
I then finished it up by adorning it with beads. -- Geri Gittings

The purple passion rose is made of over 1,000 Swarovski 7ss flat backs placed on the gourd one at a time. The oval features amethyst beads; the ‘bow’ is made from wood shavings and beads; the top is made with texture paint. 
Kay Collings, member American Gourd Society
Carvings, ripples, shape of wood burning and ink dyes, 4 relief carved animals and inlay skeleton pieces of cactus. One of the exhibits at Tombaugh Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico till September 28, 2012.   by Sylvia Hendrickson Las Cruces, New Mexico 

‘Time to Love’; a working gourd clock.
Mahogany stain with details in acrylics & variegated leaf. 
Chicken scene inspired by Mexican place-mats.
Erick Woods' second entry in the Calabash silent gourd art auction
held Oct, 2012 in Forestville, CA.

Serpent Splendor -- Erick Woods
rotary tool was used to carve grooves 
     then painted with acrylics 
to look like mosaic tile.
Winner of “Best of Theme Division” Florida Gourd Show 2012. 
Theme: “Gourds are springing up all over”. 
A total of 27 gourds were used.  Created by Hayward cothron, Florida.

Chieftain: bones, feathers, antler buttons 
and bones,  lacing and acrylic paint 
by Margie Jordan, Salem, Oregon
 Snakeurtle: The body and snake is one 
maranka gourd. The head moves eerily 
up, down, and side to side. 
by Earl Worick
Whale ( 24" long!) 
by Earl Worick

by Georgette Bacon, 
owner of Dragonfly Lane Gourds
in north country, New York

Marcia McCarter, Chillicothe, IL 
I've only been doing gourd work for 2 1/2 years. 
This gourd (showing top and bottom) was grown in our garden 
and is chip-carved and the design work is in colored pencil (Prisma).

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