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Animals, Birds, Insects and Figures

'Hen' Buddhism. Hen, chick, lotus bowl, and pendant are made from gourds. 
Created using acrylics, dyes, and clay. Pendant contains Chinese symbol for Tranquility. 
This is my first entry for the 2013 Calabash gourd art auction ( Erick Woods

Serpent Splendor -- Erick Woods
rotary tool was used to carve grooves 
     then painted with acrylics 
to look like mosaic tile.
Winner of “Best of Theme Division” Florida Gourd Show 2012. 
Theme: “Gourds are springing up all over”. 
A total of 27 gourds were used.  Created by Hayward cothron, Florida.

 Snakeurtle: The body and snake is one 
maranka gourd. The head moves eerily 
up, down, and side to side. 
by Earl Worick
Whale ( 24" long!) 
by Earl Worick

by Earl Worick

by Earl Worick
Both turtles have heads that bob back and forth with 
a little help by touching or with some wind. 
The larger one’s shell was made with a maranka gourd.
by Earl Worick
The spider has an 18” leg span and the body was made 
of two gourds with the abdomen covered with flock. 
The small bird in front is made of all gourd parts

Rare Hatching
(gourd is about 9" x 6")
Earl Worick
Jenn Norpchen,
 California Gourd Society, East Bay Chapter
A maranka  gourd was used with polymer clay.
(measures 12" long 8" high and 7" wide)
Abdomen is a banana gourd; thorax is a small gourd; 
head is a jewelry gourd.  Legs are leather with 
embedded rods of brass. 
It is 16” square.  --Earl Worick

The blooming lily is a banana gourd 
mounted on the end of a dipper gourd 
The butterfly is made from all gourd parts
Earl Worick

"Poultry In Motion"
Terri Buxton McDougall, Bloomfield, IA
 Acrylic, Pyrography, Polymer Clay

Balinese Dancer
Doll made of gourds and gourd  parts.
Cora Raiford, FL Gourd Society, AGS

Spirit Quest
Gourd horn, feathers, horn or bone beads
artistry of Joyce Lipsett, Manning ND

Blow Fish by Joan Appelt
Handcrafted Gourds from Tennessee 
Margie Jordan, Salem, Or.
WA, AZ, NM, KY gourd societies

Gourdo Bird -- by Terry Doherty
grand champion 
at Routt County Fair 
in Hayden, Colorado

Pair of Flamingourds 
Submitted by Suzanne Haffey, President, Capital of Texas Gourd Patch, 
Member TGS and AMS
"Monarch Migration” bread basket
Sharon Beasley, Gulfport, MS
 Member of the MSGS and AGS

by Joan Riise
Member AGS, IL Chapter 
by Joan Riise
Member AGS, IL Chapter 

Desert Maiden - 5 gourds carved, sculpted, stained and dyed with devil's claw and sea grass on saguaro cactus base
terri schmit - Wisconsin Gourd Society, AGS & AZGS
dot painting using black gesso as a base
on a gourd piece that has paper clay additions
Lelia and Jimmy Sublett, members of TGS and AGS

First one won a blue ribbon at the Florida Gourd Show in February titled "OLD Cracked POT".
Joan K Carte, Orange City, Florida
I am a member of Florida Gourd Society and AGS.

ole Santa painted on a crook neck.
Kay Collings 

Chicken with real rooster feathers -- Melanie Campanis