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Miscllaneous Projects:

            I'm submitting a photo of my gourd guitars. I discovered using gourds for my instruments last year,
                     and was amazed at how good they sound! Digit Woutat in Eugene, Oregon

A variety of Gourd Carousels showcase the
artistry of Tio and Cia Silla,  PA Gourd Society.
See more of their unique gourd creations ...

Baubles & Beads. This is a combination of three different gourds 
the bottom two being just parts.  It was all wood burned 
and then painted with Acrylics. 
I then finished it up by adorning it with beads. -- Geri Gittings

‘Time to Love’; a working gourd clock. 
Mahogany stain with details in acrylics & variegated leaf. 
Chicken scene inspired by Mexican place-mats.
Erick Woods' second entry in the Calabash silent gourd art auction
held Oct, 2012 in Forestville, CA.

by Georgette Bacon, 
owner of Dragonfly Lane Gourds
in north country, New York

UFO was made with parts from 16 different gourds, 
19 pieces of hardwoods, three large plastic eyes,
19 simulated lights and 3 speakers --  Earl Worick
ear of corn  11" long 
 (actual corn silk) 
 by Earl Worick
Lizard de - light! 
Terry Doherty

The chopper has about 40 pieces of wood and 28 pieces of gourds. 
The fuselage is made of three gourds. It is 18” long.
The tire treads are rings of the neck of a dipper gourd. 
Earl Worick

Carrie Cervantes
Dimondale, MI
artistry of Pushpa Doctor in Texas
snowman by Ellen and MeChelle 
at Pumpkin Hollow in  AR