Green Cleaning Tips I Learned from Jim Story

By Jim Ballard


Use a sharp knife for scraping off the skin with a scraping motion like peeling a carrot (or a back and forth motion).
Do not dig in to the gourd with your tools.
In the areas where ropes or panty hose are used for the training process a sharp pointed pic or a dental type pick are useful tools for green cleaning.
I also use a fine wire like a guitar string or piano wire for real tight spots.
A wire-toothed brush can also be used to remove the little bits of skin left behind.
Upon removing all of the skin from the gourd I take a scotch brite pad or copper/stainless steel dish scrubber and rub the gourd all over, then let the drying process begin.
Be sure the gourd is in an dry area that has daylight. In total darkness the green cleaned gourd will mold.
In most cases the gourd will be dried out with a beautiful completion in about 2-3 weeks.
Last be sure the gourd has a neat and clean stem (if it has a stem!) Jim taught me to remove any part of the vine from the end of the stem and to cut it at an angle or straight to make it nice looking stem (not crushed or ragged).
When stem is dried, scrape off the brown outer skin then use the wire brush to remove any dirt and debris.
After this process the gourd is all dry your gourd is ready to show.