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I send you some pictures of my 2010 gourds exhibition for the web site 
international gourd photos gallery.
I'm not an artist, i'm only a grower. I've the biggest french gourds 

Sébastien Verdière

ancient 3,000 yr old decorated Peru Gourds some with shell incrustations. 
from the 1920's Gourd drinking or soup bowl decorated in the unusual north peru acid technique.on this gourd they wrote romantic verses.etc. 

this huge 20" half sphere"lapa' Gourd shows it's author maximo inga adanaque 1952-2001 in his wheel chair.he was given Peru's highest artisan honor Amauta National. this was donated to the new Museum of the american Indian wash d.c. by millie morton of toronto ca.2006  this 1870 Peru gourd shows Spanish Moorish has silver handles and a dedicatory owner name row.Museum of the culture lima Peru 

.. ..
these are contemporary well well done Peru Gourds 2008 showing the fine nail awl engraving with black fill-in daily life is depicted usually and fine fill -in detailed work this self potrait gourd was pyroengraved non electrically by maximo inga adanaque using his own "photographic style" he did the larger one in this set as well. collection clorinda chero widow of maximo inga adanaque la encantada chulucanas piura peru 

.... ....
this Gourd is chip carved and pyroengraved with a lighted tip of red hot wood. they blow on the gourd for shading. author unknown gloria joyce won Best of show Gourdcraft 1985, 1986 1990 1995 she worked in peru and uses mixed peru/usa she has reverted to softer cucurbita pepo Gourds since injuring her wrist from hard needle engraving in the 1980's.upon retirement in 2001 she has specialized exclusively with only C.PEPO work. feels she is the only USA Gourd artist doing these which she scrapes, dries for months and engraves or chip carves 

 for more information about these gourds from China, please contact Du Ying: 

Gourd Lamps from Turkey -- see

Artistry of Andrea Marostica from Argentina,

Notice sent from the 1st China Gourd Island International Festival, August 19-21, 2005
On this occasion you will be able to share with many gourd lovers from many countries in cultivation, historical uses, gourd show competition, craftwork, artistic decoration and business. For more information contact ~~~ in China: Julius Wang (86-429--2107086 3159365), ~~~or in USA: Leigh Adams 1-626-840-3261,