Jim Story Award News -- Spring  2017

 1st place: Otto and Grahan 
Ottoson (collaborative effort)
 2nd place: Bill
3rd place: Cecile Garrison

And many thanks to the other AGS members who participated in the 2016 Jim Story Award. I hope you enjoyed growing and grooming your gourd and winning at your state show. We look forward to seeing more of your entries in tne future.

The beautiful Jim Story gourd pictured in the JSA News section of the winter 2016 issue of The Gourd Magazine has already been shipped to Ken and Graham, the cash awards have been mailed and the certificates, signed by our AGS president and JSA committee chairman, have been processed.

The JSA trophy will be presented to Otto and Graham at the gourd show of their choice by the highest ranking AGS or chapter officer available

Jim Story Award Rule Changes
As mentioned in previous issues of The Gourd Magazine, there have been a couple of changes to the AGS Jim Story Award rules. While Jim Story worked tirelessly to promote manipulated and crafted gourds within the AGS, he also promoted gourds in garden and civic clubs, floral associations, and anywhere else anyone would listen---and it wasn't hard for Jim to draw a crowd anywhere he went.

In 2016, after considerable discussion among JSA committee members and AGS leadership, it was decided to expand the AGS manipulated gourd national competition to accept winning gourds, not only from AGS chapter competitions, but also from other local, state and national gourd competitions not affiliated with the AGS.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see manipulated gourd winners coming in from non-AGS-chartered gourd enthusiasts from the USA as well as other countries? How about entries from Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, France, the UK and others? I think we all know that won't happen immediately --and maybe never ---if---we don't all get behind it and work together to make it happen.

Here are changes made to JSA Rules 1, 2 & 8 which are currently in effect and are posted on the Jim Story Award page of the AGS website:

1. To be eligible for the national competition, entrant must win either a state chapter competition or a competition held by a non-AGSˇchartered organization. Entrant may enter multiple competitions if desired, but only one winner will be eligible for national competition

2. Non -AGS-chartered organizations within the USA must donate $25 to the JSA fund to help support the award. Organizations outside the USA must donate $50 to the JSA fund to help support the award. Donations may be submitted with the completed application.

8. To be eligible to enter the AGS Jim Story Award competition at the national level, any hand trained (manipulated) dried gourd le gourd only, no multiple, inseparable gourds) must be by the applicant and must first win a local manipulated competition for the CURRENT year.

This includes any manipulated gourd grown by the applicant since January 1, 2009 that has not previously won a state manipulated gourd competition. The current deadline for submitting applications for the national competition is November 30.

Attn: You MUST is a member of the American Gourd Society to enter the AGS national competition.

Committee Member Needed
Your JSA committee has an opening for one more member who is reasonably proficient with a computer and can help us take advantage of social media. You would not have to be a grower. If you can help, please email algourds@aol.com and indicate "JSA Committee Member" in the subject line. I would love to hear from you.

Gourd Hats (just for fun)
Chapter presidents and show chairs, please email algourds@aol.com and let me know that you are planning to participate in this fun project this year. There are certainly some beautiful (and unusual) gourd hats out there that most all AGS members would enjoy seeing. The Ohio chapter has already promised to send pictures from their gourd hat parade. Anyone else?

Note: Last December, AGS Treasurer Larry Sherman ran across an old PowerPoint presentation he made at an Ohio Gourd Show back in the 90's. On it were some pictures of Jim and other "old timers" wearing their gourd hats! Larry is attempting to retrieve the original pictures and present them in a future issue of The Gourd Magazine as an interesting memorial to Jim. Good luck Larry! We would love to see them.

Jim Story Award Donations
The Jim Story Award is self-funded and was established in honor of Jim Story. Without the continued support of our state and private donors, we could not continue to keep his legacy alive . Your JSA committee sincerely appreciates all the AGS chapters, independent gourd societies and individuals who support the Jim Story Award with their time, talent and finances.

The following donations were received in the 4th quarter of 2016:
Chapters: Indiana Gourd Society--$20; Ohio Gourd Society--$20; Nevada Gourd Society--$20
Private: Glenn Burkhalter-Silver

The following donations were received earlier in 2016 but were not previously acknowledged: Florida Gourd Society--$20; Loess Hills Gourd Society--$20

Thank you all.

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