Jim Story-- My Friend and Mentor
by Bill Freihofer

In August 1998, I was privileged to serve as Executor of the estate of a gentleman who resided in Pendleton, Indiana.    The decedentís home was situated on land on the south bank of Fall Creek.  It was then and there that I met Jim and Jane Story who lived across the street from the decedentís property.  Jim had for many years maintained his extensive and fabulous gourd garden on this property on low-lying land adjacent to the creek.

Jim provided special help to me in selling the decedentís home.  At my urging, the buyer of the property agreed that Jim could continue to garden the area for his lifetime.  Jim, his garden and his techniques for raising and hand-training hard-shell gourds captured my interests and I have been a devoted ďGourdoĒ ever since.