We Remember Jim Story
by Linda and Dallas Lunsford


It is such an honor to give my thoughts of “Jim Story.” He was a very kind and gentle man with lots of knowledge about the subject of GOURDS. He was very casual and made everyone feel at ease within his surroundings and was always available to answer questions about gourds. He was the “Inspiration” for getting the Indiana Gourd Society started. Jim was a mentor for a lot of people and got them involved with the gourd society of Indiana. Jim was a great supporter of the Indiana and American Gourd Societies!

Jim was always friendly with everyone. Always had a smile upon his face and offered a pat upon one’s back when greeting others. Jim had lots of energy to help with events. Dick Thompson and Jim started the “Gourd Cleaning Union.” They had a double-sided galvanized washtub where they demonstrated “How to Clean Gourds”. With rubber gloves on their hands they used steel wool and dish soap to show how to clean gourds from start to finish. Jim and Dick invited any and all gourd lovers to join their Gourd Cleaning Union for Free. Lots of GOOD MEMORIES-AND SO MUCH FUN!

Jim and Jane attended a lot of Gourd Shows throughout the country. Dallas and I have many wonderful good memories of get-togethers with Jim and Jane. Jim was a “Great Gourd Society Promoter” and would pay for friend’s memberships to get them involved within the Indiana and American Gourd Society. Jim loved to share his talents with others and was always willing to share his knowledge about gourds.

Jim had a talent for growing manipulated gourds in his gourd arbor. He was very proud of his work and loved to share the talents of tying an overhand single knot in the long handle dipper gourd. Jim was creative in producing lots of gourds in his arbor (weather permitting). Sometimes the weather season was not very cooperative for good gourd crops.

Before I became “Book Sales Representative for the American Gourd Society,” I have good memories of helping sell gourd related material with Jane Story and Hazel Thompson. We had some very good times together. We did not have a lot of books to choose from as we have today, but we made available what was out there to promote Gourd Ideas.

Below is Jim’s explanation of Gourd Fever:GOURD FEVER.
"This condition is not debilitating but rather exhilarating. Gourdheads with gourd fever are an interesting group. They are creative doers, not couch potatoes. Gourd people, who attend gourd shows and gourd meetings on a regular basis, enjoy the fellowship of gourd fever persons as much as the gourd exhibits. That’s double your fun! Many lasting friendships have been attributed to the gourd."