Winter and Summer time addresses

In the past if you lived at more than one address during the year, I have tried to keep both addresses in the database, but with so many of you living at more than one address during the year, and moving to those addresses at different times, the job has become overwhelming. So I have decided to use only one of your addresses and that address will be the one where you live on 1 January each year. I chose this date because the American Gourd Society, INC has changed their dues structure to where all membership dues are now due on 1 January each year.
So, what I will need from you is a CHANGE of ADDRESS NOTICE each time you move to a different address. I am sorry if I have caused you an inconvenience, but the job of making sure I mail you’re The Gourd Magazine to the right address has become too much. Please send this information to:

American Gourd Society
c/o Dallas Lunsford
P.O. Box 2186
Kokomo, IN 46904-2186